Leela Rae

Born and raised in Germany, I first came to America as a college exchange student at age 21. After toggling back and forth between countries for a several years, I eventually took up permanent residence in Southern California in 2003. While living in Los Angeles for close to a decade, I worked for major video game and movie studios before moving to Orange County in 2014, where I live today.

As is the case for many, it was personal trauma that catapulted me onto the spiritual path. Along the way, I discovered my heart fire, which is the ability to recognize and bring together conscious synergies to serve our individual as well as the collective rising. Having been ascribed as a weaver and beat master, I utilize energy vision to craft the harmonic fabric for collaborations of extraordinary wisdom keepers who carry teachings for a new humanity. My extensive background as a “Jack of all trades” in entertainment has allowed me to effectively bridge the worlds of spirituality and necessary logistics.

I have always believed in the power of energy healing. Wanting to learn how to more efficiently work with energy, I received my Reiki I attunement at the Soul of Yoga in Encinitas, California, in 2018. I later conceived the immense healing power and magic of Pranayama through my own personal healing experience with breathwork, and I just knew had found my medicine. Receiving my first tastes of it at large group events guided by Michael Brian Baker at Shakti and Bhakti Fest, I had a profound healing event in a private session that allowed me to walk my inner child out from my inner cave system, dissolving a tremendous amount of false fears and self-limiting beliefs in the process. Once I had integrated my experience, I immediately answered the call to go deeper. I committed to intensive training with Michael Brian Baker and graduated from The Breath Center as a Level V facilitator in July of 2019.

Besides my love for creating conscious events as well as my studies of energy healing, I am a passionate, intuitive writer. Through my deeply pensive soul writings and poetry, I receive guidance and inspiration for my personal journey. Through the incredibly generous reflections from readers, I learned that my writings have in some cases had significant impact on their own healing journey, so I am humbly accepting the request to lean into sharing my contemplations on my blog here more regularly.

I hold a deep curiosity and devotion to the workings of our soul journey, and I am deeply passionate about illuminating the more and more pressing need for us all to come together as One. Seeing how the energy of separation on the grand scale has created sharp wrinkles and even tears in our universal fabric, it is my deepest calling to say “YES!” to the authentic co-creation of our innermost journey home. I wish to inspire the return of all of us into ceremony in Sacred Circle for shared healing, co-creation, and co-activation. There are truths that rest in the silence within us, and there are truths that rest in the expressions between us. As I am weaving this dream in the deepest space of my heart, I invite you to join me, knee to knee, heart to heart, and Third Eye to Third Eye, so we can walk this journey together and sow the seeds for collective healing in the true essence of commUnion.

I am humbled and grateful that your path has led you here, and I am so looking forward to all we will manifest together.

The West African people of Yoruba have a beautiful expression that invokes the divine, spiritual life force that flows through all things, and it also calls in the art of manifestation and the power to create change. In that spirit -

All my Love and - Asè!

Leela Rae