The Energy of Mabon

Happy Autumn Equinox, Merry Mabon! It is the time of balance of dark and light. A time to reflect and a time to take inventory. What seeds did we sow in this last season? What is it we can harvest as nourishment as we enter the calm and cool of winter? What seeds did not break through their shell (yet), and which grew into deformity to show us where the soil was not supporting full, juicy bloom? Can we unwrap these dead vines from our ankles and use them as fertilizer to grow anew?

The story of the Greek goddess Persephone is one of dark and light, of deep inquiry of all these parts which we all hold within ourselves, as there is not one who does not carry both qualities. The light casts shadow, and the shadow illuminates. Balance - scientifically speaking - necessarily requires vibration, demands movement between two places. Can we release our belief system of “good” and “bad” and step into the balance and power of non-judgment? Can we embrace the vision we develop in the dark and find delight in being shown what does not serve nor support the loving way? Can we move between both, light and dark, in perfect equanimity as we understand that it blesses us with balance? Can we BE the yin and the yang and not reject any part of ourselves, and within this full embodiment receive the soul-deep wisdom that we need not reject nor deny any parts of any other being we meet? And in this full acceptance, can we still allow each other to have our human experiences and resist the reflex to fix, defend, influence, shame or even offend? Can we take in that every single moment we experience is perfect?

We are in between poses now. The pause between inhale and exhale, exhale and inhale. There is a deep, deep beauty in this space when we are able to let our awareness and consciousness enter here. There is a celebration waiting for you here, for you have arrived home after a long season of your soul being hard at work. Let the blessings of summer’s gifts and lessons envelop you. For no matter if you are currently walking an endarkened or enlightened path - the soil you are growing in is eternal divine Love. You are the golden seed.

With all my Love and Mabon Blessings,
~ Leela 💜

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